About me

I’m Kirsten Nichole Orillo , from the Philippines, passionately learning macrame stuffs. I’m a begginer  although I heard about macrame before but I didn’t persue it for a reason that I don’t have guts doing so. I have alot of interest not just tying knots but also crochet, sewing, and taking courses online for me to learn current skills that would help me level up my career. Everything is new here for me, even making a website or blogging but I’m trying to improve everyday. Personally, I’m not fond of going out to parties but I’m more on a home buddy. I learned sewing clothes by just following video  tutorials, making my holidays and long breaks from school worthwhile. Now, I’m working for a company and still I’m getting back on making crafts. 

Reasons why I started doing this.

I found a course online that I think would give me a big opportunity to have professional growth in Digital Marketing. This serves as my practice while learning lessons step by step, I can tell its a practical course for anyone who wants to make improvements to their career. I was wondering at the very start of the course what should be my website all about and I decided that I want this learning journey of me with fun and excitement rather than feeling the weight of pressure in finishing the course so I decided to incline this website with my hobby which is now Macrame. I want to share my journey with the readers here, hoping that they will get inspired to and learn something.


I love making floor plans, arts and crafts, and most especially learning online courses. I know how to sew clothes by hand and make my own patterns. I fix my clothes and bags that have broken stitches rather than paying for a repair service for my stuff. I’ve tried and make crochet as a hobby way back then but I feel I need more patience with it. Now, having this opportunity of learning Digital Marketing, I feel I need to also get back on learning crafts that I could enjoy doing while building this site. I’m in a slow pace for I’m joggling three things at a time which is working as an Email Marketing Specialist, learning and making Macrame stuffs, and progressing on my Digital Marketing course.