How it started?

I fell in love with arts and crafts when I was still in high school and it was my focused subject at that time. I gave much time to sewing even though I don’t have proper training, I tried to educate myself through online tutorials. Many people around me would have said I’m wasting money and time as they see it as not useful but those negativities didn’t stop me to continue sewing until they see my outputs. Then, they started to say it was good or beautiful. Well, it’s better to be passionate about what you love doing rather than focusing on other people’s judgments or compliments. I discovered crochet online and it excites me how beautiful patterns they can show on the products. It was difficult at first to maneuver the crochet needle but I handled it over time. These are my high school memories that I have. Instead of going outside and meeting friends, I am happy having alone time with these hobbies. Currently, I choose to do macrame and explore it more with different ropes and cords, styles of knots, and sorts of macrame products. The reason why I get back to creating crafts is that my grandmother spends her time making crochet beach wear for girls, headbands, and keychains. They are certainly beautiful and I love to share it with you guys. I got inspired that even though of her age she’s learning it by herself through online video tutorials, so I said to myself why I can’t do the same thing since this is my hobby too. This is the journey that I can say even if I’m tired after work or repeating the process or pattern because of some mistakes, I would definitely be doing it again because it’s my passion. Besides, it trains me to focus and relieve stress. If you like to view my grandmother’s and my outputs in the gallery section.

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